Other Service Opportunities

InterGroup Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are needed for each area of service needed to run the InterGroup Operations. All positions require a minimum of two years sobriety and all commitment terms are two years unless otherwise noted.
The Area 12 Liaison is the middleman between Northern Delaware InterGroup and Area 12
You would be responsible for attending the Area 12 Assembly meetings and update Area12 with NDIAA information and then bring back information about Area 12 to share at InterGroup Meetings.
Smyrna Men's Prison: Take AA meeting to prison every other Wednesday. The chairperson is responsible for finding volunteers, scheduling and correspondence between the prison staff and NDIAA.
Other responsibilities include: new volunteer paperwork, checking requirements for donated literature and making sure volunteer has what is needed. Although not required it is suggested the chairperson is a male.
Baylor Women's Prison: Take AA meeting to prison every Monday and Wednesday nights. The chairperson is responsible for finding volunteers, scheduling and correspondence between the prison staff and NDIAA.
Other responsibilities include: new volunteer paperwork, checking requirements for donated literature and making sure volunteer has what is needed. Although not required it is suggested the chairperson is a female.
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC):
Responsible for suggesting policies and activities that will help carry the message to the still-suffering alcoholic through sharing information about AA with professional groups and individuals who have contact with alcoholics. Responsible for fostering mutual understanding, awareness, and cooperation between AA and professionals.
Public Information (PI): Responsible for creating greater understanding of and preventing misunderstanding of the AA program through the public media, electronic media, PI meeting, and speaking to community groups.
The Finance Chair works closely with the Treasurer. Their main duties are assisting with quarterly inventory counts in the NDIAA Office and assisting with writing the next year's budget.
The Chair is the liaison between the membership and the facilities where NDIAA brings AA meetings to on a regular basis.
The Chair is responsible for following up on feedback from AA members and facility staff in order to ensure volunteers are varying the message in the spirit of Step 12. Also responsible for reaching out to new facilities for opportunities and maintaining current opportunity information to communicate and assign commitments to InterGroup members at the monthly InterGroup meeting.
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The Chair is responsible for all events hosted or giving by NDIAA. This includes coming up with event ideas, scheduling, finding locations, maintaining a committee of their choosing, helping NDIAA Office with making and distributing tickets (if applicable). The Chair works closely with the NDIAA Office.
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The Chair is responsible for maintaining the NDIAA website. The includes, but not limited to, meeting updates, posting information, and site updates.
The Vice Chair will perform all the duties of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is absent for any reason or as needed by the Chairperson, Steering Committee or any representatives of Intergroup. They will oversee the Office Staff and the NDIAA Office. Term of this Chair is one year.
The Secretary will keep correct minutes and attend all meetings involving the Steering Committee or InterGroup and be responsible for their publication and distribution.
The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records of all monies paid to NDIAA or any committee thereof. The Treasurer shall keep a monthly record of all monies received and/or disbursed including filing taxes and other financial regulatory reporting required by law;
All financial records must be maintained in the NDIAA office and will report monthly the financial status to InterGroup and submit all books and records to be audited as requested.

Volunteers Needed!

We need your help! Below are opportunities that are available for those seeking service.

12th Step Calls

12th Step Call Volunteers work hand-in-hand with the NDIAA Office and Home Answering. All volunteers must have one year of continuous sobriety.
12 Step volunteers work with Home Answering and NDIAA Office. They do everything from talking to an alcoholic about AA, taking someone to their first meeting or taking an out-of-town visitor to a meeting.
Whereas Home Answering Volunteers take the initial call and disburse it, the 12 Step Volunteer do the actual "leg work".
When someone calls either the Home Answering hotline or the NDIAA office, contact information is obtained and depending on male or female and location, the appropriate person is contacted and given the information. The 12 Step Volunteer then contacts that person.
Most of the time you will just be talking to them on the phone and then perhaps meeting them at a meeting. However, there are times when it could be necessary to get another person and actually go out and do a 12 Step call.
You will only be contacted if someone calls from your zip code, therefore you could go months without receiving a call.
NDIAA Office staff will make sure that volunteers will have all information needed to do 12 Step work.

Corrections Commitment

Volunteer to share your experience, strength, and hope with those that are incarcerated.
We take AA meetings to local prisons and share hope to those incarcerated. There are some requirements that need to be met before a volunteer can serve in this role.
Ready to sign up? Please click this link to download, print, and fill out the state required Security Clearance form. You will then need to give your filled out form to the Corrections Chairperson or take or mail to the NDIAA office.

Have some questions? Please click this link to fill out an interest form that will be sent to our Corrections Chairperson. so they can follow up with you.

Home Answering

Volunteer to answer the NDIAA Office phones when the office is closed.
  • We try to answer as many questions and listen to individuals as time permits as we are but a link to all who call, whether emotional or not
  • We are not a taxi service
  • We only give rides to people if they are going to a hospital, detox, rehab or AA meeting
  • Get newcomer to their first and second meeting of driver's choice
  • Help out of town visitors to a meeting in their area

Finding people to help with 12 Step calls can be difficult at times. Let the caller know that you are going to try to find someone but if you are unable to find someone CALL THE PERSON BACK AND LET THEM KNOW! Another alternative is to find someone who can call and talk to the person, even if they can't pick them up.

No one should do 12 Step work by themselves, always bring someone with you! This is for your safety and the person you pick up.

If the caller says anything about harming themselves or others, try to get as much information about their location and hang up and dial 911. We are NOT equipped or trained to help in those situations.

Office Support Staff

Be on the NDIAA Office Team! Volunteer for four to eight hour shifts at the NDIAA office
  • Choose between a four or eight hour shift on Wednesdays
  • Support AA 12th Step work by answering phones, helping callers find meetings, and participate in 12th Step recovery help
NDIAA has been characterized by a spirit of 12th Step Service and volunteer support in our community. The NDIAA office needs to keep its doors open to help the alcoholic who still suffers.

We look forward to working with a united team of support staff and volunteers to continue to carry the message of AA hope and recovery through the NDIAA office.
This position requires at least two years sobriety.
These are some of the jobs given to volunteers:
  • Fold meeting lists
  • Count literature inventory
  • Straighten up office
  • Answer phones
  • Fold Brochures
  • Help to update the 12 Step and Home Answering volunteers lists
  • Keep accurate phone logs and work as a team with other NDIAA support staff
  • Sale AA literature and record keeping
Please call or email the NDIAA office.