Meeting Reopenings

Please review NDIAA Chairperson Special Report for Phase 1 of Re-Opening.

Listed below are NDIAA meetings that have or are scheduled to reopen.

  1. The Spirit of Truth Group meets INSIDE on Saturday at 9:10am at Salem United Methodist Church(469 Salem Church Rd, Newark). The room capacity is for 30 persons.
  2. The 1812 Group (Trolley Square Literature) meets Thursday at 8pm in the parking lot of Westminster Church(1502 W 13th St., Wilmington). Please bring your own 12 &12 and chair.
  3. The Sunday Big Book Group (Trolley Square Literature) meets Sunday at 8pm in the parking lot of Westminster Church(1502 W 13th St., Wilmington). Please bring your own Big Book and chair.
  4. Rush Hour meets OUTSIDE in the Brandywine High School parking lot(1400 Foulk Rd, Wilmington) at 6pm on Mon. & Thurs.
  5. Agnostic Delaware meets INSIDE on Thurs. at 630pm in the Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek(579 Polly Drummond Hill Rd, Newark).
  6. Wilmington Group meets at 8pm on Sun., Mon., & Fri. at Grace United Methodist Church(900 Washington St., Wilmington).
  7. Agnostic Delaware in the Park meets OUTSIDE on Tues. at 630pm.
  8. Naaman’s Group meets Mon. @ 8pm at Saint David’s Episcopal Church(2320 Grubb Rd, Wilmington, DE). The meeting has occupancy for 30 persons with the seating set at 6’ apart. A facial mask must be worn.
  9. More Will Be Revealed Group on Wednesday night at 7pm at Salem UMC will be INSIDE. Facial masks are MANDATORY to attend this meeting.
  10. The BYOBB women’s meeting Saturday night at St. David’s.
  11. The 1812 Group (Trolley Square Literature Group) Thursday 8pm at Westminster Church in Wilmington.
  12. Saturday night Concord Step Solutions at 6pm has moved the Church of the Good Shepherd(1530 Foulk Rd., Wilmington, DE). This is an INSIDE meeting with a capacity for 85 persons. The seating is set at 6’ apart and a facial mask must be worn.
  13. Sunday 7pm Pencader meeting at Olivet Presbyterian Church is open.
  14. The First Things First meeting at St. Mark’s United Church on Mondays at 8pm are meeting OUTSIDE in the parking lot. Please bring your own chair and beverage.
  15. Weather permitting, First Stop Friday is meeting at 530pm OUTDOORS by the Mt. Salem UMC in Rockford Park. Please bring a lawn chair.
  16. The AA Basics group that normally meets on Wed. at 730pm at Concordia Lutheran has moved to The Church of the Good Shepard on Foulk Rd. Same time and INSIDE meeting. The chairs are set at 6′ apart and a facial mask is required.
  17. Vent-A-Lators men`s meeting at 8pm on open. The meeting is INSIDE with chairs set 6`apart. The meeting can accommodate 40 persons. A facial mask is required to be worn.
  18. The Augustine group is meeting OUTSIDE on Mon. @ 7pm in the parking lot of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Please bring a chair and a friend.
  19. Red Lion Breakfast group meets on Sat, at 10am in the Red Lion United Methodist Church. The meeting is OUTSIDE so please bring a chair.
  20. Pencader group meets on Mon. @ 7pm. The meeting will be held OUTSIDE, weather permitting. Please bring a comfy chair and place it 6` apart. A face mask is also required. Access to building will be limited.
  21. The Eye Opener group will meet at St. Catherine of Siena Church at 2305 Centerville Rd., Wilmington, DE. on Tues., Thurs., & Sat. @ 730am and Sun. @ 1pm. The seating is 6′ apart and a face mask is also required to be worn.
  22. Courage To Change group is meeting INSDE at Jesus House(2501 Milltown Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808) at 7pm on Sunday. The Seating is set at 6’ with capacity for 15 people. If you’re struggling and there are no seats available, a home group member will gladly give up their seat. A facial masks must be worn.
  23. The Freedom group meets INSIDE at Jesus House(2501 Milltown Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808) at 8pm on Wed. A face masks is required to be worn. The meeting will also be broadcast on Zoom.
  24. The Silverbrook Men’s group has moved to St. Matthews Catholic Church(807 Maryland Ave, Wilmington, DE 19805). The meeting is held INSIDE in the basement at 7pm on Wed. Use the front entrance and proceed down the stairs. Chairs are set at 6’ apart and a face mask must be worn.
  25. The Second Chance group is meeting INSIDE at Holly Oak UMC(1511 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809) on Fri. 8pm, Sat. 8am & Sun. 7pm. A face mask must be worn and temperature checks will be conducted. Please bring your own book(BYOB).
  26. Pacific groups meets OUTSIDE @ 6pm on Wed. at Limestone Presbyterian Church(3201 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808). Please bring a chair.
  27. The Hockessin Women’s group meets INSIDE at 7pm on Thurs. at the Hockessin United Methodist Church(7250 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE 19707). Seating is set at 6’ apart and a facial mask must be worn. Please bring your own 12 & 12 book.
  28. Music To My Ears group is a NEW meeting on Mon. at 7pm. It meets at Germay Industrial Park(22 Germay Dr., Wilmington, DE 19804). Please bring your own chair, beverage, etc. This meeting has been temporarily suspended due to Covid.
  29. Carry The Message group is meeting at a new location(Christ the Cornerstone Church, 3135 Summit Bridge Rd., Bear, DE). This is an INSIDE meeting with seating set at 6’ apart and a facial mask must be worn.
  30. The Kingswood Mens group meets INSIDE on Thurs. @ 7pm at Kingswood United Methodist Church(300 Marrows Rd, Newark, DE). The meeting room capacity is 25 persons. If there are more than 25 persons, the meeting will be upstairs in the church sanctuary.
  31. The Keep It Simple group that meets Thursday nights at 7pm welcomes both men and women for the time being, during the pandemic.
  32. The Christ Church group that meets Tuesday nights @ 7:30pm at Christ Church is now meeting in person.