Meeting Reopenings & Updates

This page contains meetings that have been updated in the Meeting list page. See the meeting listing to review full details for the meeting.

To submit updated meeting information, please use the meeting update form.

Updates from July 30th

Second Chance meeting on Saturdays at 3PM is now in person

Renegade – new meeting on Wednesdays at 7PM

Lamplighters is now meeting in person at 8PM on Fridays in Newark

Metroform meeting is now meeting in person at the Christiana Hospital in Newark. Tuesdays at 8PM. Masks required.

Updates from July 28, 2021

Main Street Big Book will be in hybrid starting 8/2 with a new location.

New Meeting – BYOBB – Hockessin starting September 7, 2021

Living in the Solution women’s meeting is now meeting in person.

Updates from July 16, 2021

South College Speaker meeting is now meeting at 8PM. The meeting is on Zoom and in person.

Serenity for the Week on Sundays is now in person, and meeting at St. Matthews school at 1 Fallon Ave in Wilmington

Promises of Recovery women’s meeting on Wednesday has reopened.