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**Help Needed**

Men and Women needed to attend Meetings in Delaware Prisons

  • Please print and fill out the application below for the specific prison and then send it to the address listed. The application is required to be complete. If there are any discrepancies or blank areas, the application will not pass through security. Copies of the applications are also available at the NDIAA Office. It may take up to 4 weeks for a response from the prison. Once approved, please call the NDIAA Office to be linked to the person who makes the schedule for the prison AA meetings.
  • Baylor Correctional Institution(Women)
  • Call or email Jaime or Suzanne at the Intergroup Office for an Application
    • (302) 655-5113
    • mainoffice@ndiaa.org
  • Vaughn Correctional Center(Men)
    • The application for is not available at this time.

Special Events Committee

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