Coming in Contact with a Newcomer

When I come into contact with a newcomer, do I talk down to him/her?

Do I compare him/her with the large number of acquaintances I have made in the Fellowship?

What is my real attitude toward him/her?

Am I doing everything I can so that the newcomer wants to come back?

I must examine myself whenever I meet a newcomer to make sure that I am carrying the message with simplicity, humility and generosity. The one who still suffers from the terrible disease of alcoholism must find in me a friend who will allow him to get to know the A.A. way, because I had such a friend when I arrived in A.A. Today it is my turn to hold out my hand, with love, to my sister or brother alcoholic, and to show her or him the way to happiness.

Our 5th tradition states:

Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.